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Case Study 1

Victor and his family have been living in their 5-room HDB flat for the past 5 years. They always wanted to live in a private property and provide a better lifestyle for their children. However, They prefer to move within the estate for better convenience to the family.

Through a sharing session, Eric customised a comfortable financial plan with workable timeline and exit strategy to materialise their property goals.

After gaining understanding and analysing their financial standing, Eric managed to sell the flat within weeks with the proposed plan.

The family successfully upgraded to a 4 bedder condominium nearby with an attractive entry price equipped with facilities and good environment.

Private Property

Case Study 2

Ben owned a 2 bedder private condominium solely. Eric sold his neighbour’s unit efficiently and that truly impressed him.

Through a sharing session, Eric was able to create a detailed marketing plan for his unit. Ben then got to understand Eric better as a real estate agent and as a friend.

Eric managed to secure a buyer despite the unit being on low floor and facing the expressway.

Ben and family managed to successfully upgrade to their dream home, a 3 bedder private condominium with sea view.

As planned earlier, his wife purchased a 2 bedder private condominium separately as an investment property.

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Eric Ng

Eric started out as a HDB Technical Officer with a Diploma in Building Services Engineering, before venturing into building management and renovation project management.
His gravitation towards spaces subsequently led him to a career in the real estate industry in 2005.
Rather than simply advancing property upgrading, which has come to be commonly perceived as the singular goal of home ownership and investments, Eric believes that one’s property journey should be centred around their individual needs and aspirations.
With his dedication to clients and his profound expertise, Eric has become a trusted property agent. Adopting a methodical approach, the Branch Division Director has facilitated hundreds of property transactions since then and racking up more than 80 prestigious awards.

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